2020 Tax Brochure

The following information is for 2020 taxes. Consult your tax advisor about how to report this information on your federal and state tax returns. Your tax advisor will need this information to prepare your taxes.

pdf-icon_64 2020 Tax Information Brochure

2020 Capital Gain Distribution Amounts

Mutual funds are required to distribute net realized capital gains and income each year. These distributions were paid this year on December 17th (to shareholders of record on December 16th). This year’s distribution amounts are provided in the table below.

The Sit Fixed-Income Funds pay regular monthly income distributions and are not included in these figures.

Sit Mutual FundPer Share AmountType of Distribution
Mid Cap Growth$0.975270Long-Term Capital Gain
Large Cap Growth$0.023440Ordinary Income
Large Cap Growth$2.901139Long-Term Capital Gain
Small Cap Growth$2.512881Long-Term Capital Gain
Developing Markets Growth$0.016779Ordinary Income
Developing Markets Growth$0.036945Long-Term Capital Gain
International Growth$0.046245Ordinary Income
Balanced$0.054826Ordinary Income
Balanced$0.061034Short-Term Capital Gain
Balanced$0.190152Long-Term Capital Gain
Dividend Growth – Class I$0.052695Ordinary Income
Dividend Growth – Class I$0.860722Long-Term Capital Gain
Dividend Growth – Class S$0.042977Ordinary Income
Dividend Growth – Class S$0.860722Long-Term Capital Gain

Updated as of November 23, 2020

2020 Tax Form Mailing Dates

Estimated mailing dates for tax forms for the 2020 tax year will be as follows:

Completed Federal FormInformationRecipients in Tax Year 2020Date Mailed to Shareholders
1099-DIVReports ordinary and qualified dividends and short and long-term capital gain distributions for taxable accounts. Tax-exempt income is also reported.Shareholders that realized capital gains and/or dividend income in 2020 from investments in the Sit Mutual Funds for non-retirement accounts.

By 2/16/21

1099-BReports exchange and redemption activity in non-IRA Accounts.Shareholders who made transactions in any Sit Mutual Fund. IRA and retirement plan account activity is not included.By 2/16/21
1099-RReports withdrawals from retirement plan accounts and IRAs, including distributions, direct rollovers, conversions, recharacterizations and excess contributions. Also includes federal and state tax withholding, if any.Shareholders who made account transactions, as described in box to the immediate left, in their IRA and retirement plan accounts.By 2/1/21
5498Reports annual, rollover and conversion contributions and recharacterizations for Traditional, Roth, SEP and SIMPLE IRA accounts. Also includes the December 31 fair market value.Shareholders who made account transactions, as described in box to the immediate left, in their IRA account.By 6/1/21

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